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relocation package tucson azIf you are moving to Tucson, AZ for a job, you will likely receive a relocation package. A relocation package will help you and your family transition to your new job and find a home.

If you have made several moves already, this is nothing new. Although each relocation package is similar, they are not all alike.

The standard services provided will be “customary” for the industry your company is in. But remember, there is room for negotiation in what is OR isn’t covered. Not only the specific services but the costs.

A Standard Relocation Package Will Include

  • Full pack and unpack services.
  • Moving company services with “reasonable” insurance coverage.
  • Help in selling your present home.
  • Home hunting trip(s)
  • Temporary housing at the new location
  • Vehicle transport to the new location – OR
  • When driving to the new location, travel, lodging, meal and mileage expense reimbursement
  • Reimbursement of some, or all, of the home buying costs.

A Realtor is usually assigned by the relocation company to sell your present home. Another Realtor will be assigned to help you buy one in the new location.

Yes, your relocation service will assign these Realtors. But you do not have to use the Realtor assigned by your relocation company. And using a Realtor you choose will not affect your relocation benefits. YOU can choose the Realtor you want to work for you.

Why Choose Us

If you are moving to Tucson, AZ please consider us. Ben & Kim Boldt.

Review our backgrounds and experience. Give us a call – 520-940-4541. Schedule a meeting with us when you come and visit Tucson for that job interview. Interview us before the relocation company gets involved.

We will discuss your home buying interests and set up a home search based on your criteria. We will help you understand the Tucson housing market and the steps to buying a home in Arizona in advance.

When it is time for your relocation, tell the relocation company you are already working with us.


Moving for a new job or job transfer can be a stressful situation. Uprooting family, finding new schools and making new friends. We know the drill. The majority of our clients are from “other places”.

Can we make all the stress go away? Most likely not. But our experience with clients moving to Tucson from the U.S. and foreign countries will help you. We have worked our clients through the process many times. As well as ourselves.

We stay ahead of the curve and keep you abreast of any “hiccups” before they occur.

We are your advocate throughout the home buying process. And look forward to being your first new friends in Tucson, AZ.

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