Rincon Mountains Tucson AZ

Rincon Mountains

One Of The 5 Tucson Mountain Ranges

Rincon mountains Tucson ArizonaThe Rincon Mountains are a major mountain range southeast of Tucson Arizona. The Rincon mountains are one of the 5 mountain ranges in the Tucson area.

The others mountain ranges include the Santa Catalina Mountains, the Santa Rita Mountains, the Tucson Mountains, and the Tortolita Mountains.

Rincón is Spanish for “corner”. It describes the primary shape of the mountain range. The highest point in the mountain range is Mica Mountain. This peak is 8,664 feet high and the high-point of the range.

Rincon Peak is the southern most peak. It is at 8,482 feet. Tanque Verde Peak establishes the western point of the corner.

Redington Pass divides the Rincon Mountains from the Santa Catalina Mountains. The Rincon Mountains are less rugged than either the Santa Catalina Mountains or the Santa Rita Mountains.

The Rincon Mountains are part of the Madrean sky island mountain ranges.

These ranges run from southeast Arizona to southwest New Mexico and northern Sonora Mexico.

Inside the “corner” is the Rincon Valley. This land was former ranch land. Much of this land is used to build tract housing.

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Colossal Cave

A popular attraction in the area is Colossal Cave park. It is a limestone cave located on the east end of the Rincon Valley. Colossal Cave is located just north of of Vail, Arizona.

East of the Rincons Mountains are the Little Rincon Mountains. Sitting between these two ranges is Happy Valley. Happy Valley is a popular place for camping, hunting, and hiking.

South of the Rincon mountains range is the Cienega Creek and interstate highway 10.

Almost all Rincon Mountains are within Saguaro National Park or the Coronado National Forest.

Trails For Beginners and Experts

Colossal Cave Mountain Park

This beautiful, 2,400-acre desert park is on the National Register of Historic Places. The area showcase is Colossal Cave and the historic La Posta Quemada Ranch.

Two easy hiking trails wind throughout the park, including the Gale W. Bundrick Trail.

Cactus Forest Trail

A level trail (10-miles round trip) in Saguaro National Park. The scenery is the classic Sonoran Desert, with many saguaros and other cacti.

Douglas Spring Trail

Another easy trail (6-miles, round trip) is excellent for beginning hikers. It features a beautiful, seasonal waterfall at the end.

Rincon Peak: Miller Peak Trail

A strenuous, lengthy hike (16-mile round trip) in a remote location ending at one of the best summits in Tucson.

Tanque Verde Ridge Trail

A strenuous, 18-mile round-trip hike through pristine Sonoran Desert landscape with tremendous views.

One More Thing – Permits

If you are new to hiking these trails you may want to get a map or hiking guide. Most hiking/camping storres with have them.

Another option is to contact local hiking groups. Summit Hut and Southern Arizona Hiking Club are good places to start.


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