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Ben & Kim Boldt Raise the Bar for Professional Real Estate Services

Top Tierra Antigua Realtors - Ben & Kim BoldtWe are a Top Tucson Realtor Team since 2002. and excited to work at Tierra Antigua Realty.

We live our mission every day and deliver exceptional real estate services that has built lasting relationships with our clients.

Our services have been compared to those of accountants, attorneys or trusted financial adviser.

If business experience along with expertise in Tucson real estate could be important to you. Check Our Backgrounds and Work Experience before we became realtors.!

We embrace the qualities that all successful service professionals demonstrate. The qualities that set us apart from the rest of the agents in Tucson AZ.

All Tierra Antiqua Realty agents strive to do their best. In doing our best, we continue to raise the bar for professional services in the Tucson AZ real estate market.

8 Qualities You Should Look For In A Realtor In Tucson AZ

The qualities that we believe distinguish  us from other Tucson Realtors, include;

1. We Listen

We have worked with a lot of Real Estate Agents since 2002. Many agents demonstrate a consistent trait, they talk too much!

As a top Agent Duo at Tierra Antigua realty, we take the time to listen to what you want to achieve.

We listen to you and ask questions to confirm we understand your interests, needs and goals.

The better we understand what, how and when you want to own a home in Tucson AZ, the better we can help you achieve YOUR objectives.

We will point out the many interesting things Tucson has to offer and share the good and less good about what makes Tucson a great place to call home.

2. We Communicate

Buying, or selling, can be stressful. Especially when you don’t get the information you need on time. The real estate market is time sensitive.

To achieve your goals, you need agents that let you know not only what is happening, but identifying the next steps to be taken.

We communicate, communicate, communicate!

We understand people want their real estate agents to keep them informed. There is no information we considered inconsequential. We communicate what to expect, what is happening now and what it means to you.

There are new loan and disclosure statements coming on October 1, 2015.  These new forms and timelines from CFPB make communication even more critical. These new rules will change the way loan estimates and closing documents will look.

It is expected the new rules will make the home loan and buying process more complicated.

3. We’re Pro-active

As top Tierra Antigua agents in the Tucson Real Estate market we are pro-active.

For buyers, that means we are finding potential issues before they become issues. Explaining what they mean – to you!

We identify the steps, key decisions and dates to keep your transaction on schedule.

For sellers, we contact existing customers and find new leads. The key to being pro-active is keeping you – the client – well informed.

4. We Work For You

We have your interests in mind and this is what that means to you? Our professional approach to each client means we review each situation with you in detail. Along with the potential decisions and possible outcomes.

We will outline other available options and considerations. We will ask what seems right to you. When you are “good to go”, so are we. We work for you!

As a buyer, you should know that our commission is paid by the seller of the home you buy. Even when you buy new home from a builder. Our services cost you nothing.

As a seller, we will explain were the commission you pay our broker is actually spent to sell your home. We will review each item of expense with you, including;

  • the commission paid to the agent representing the buyer of your home
  • marketing expenses for flyers and email marketing
  • internet portals to show you home around the world
  • creating a featured listing page on our website
  • Signage at you home
  • the commission we will receive when you home is sold
  • other detailed

We will show you and explain how the commission you pay to Tierra Antigua Realty is used to market and sell your home.

5. We Adapt To Your Changing Needs

We have found that during the course of buying or selling a home, things can change. What at first was a must have, can become a “nice to have“. The Tucson area or subdivision that was at the top of the list, may move down.

The amenity or home feature that was most important, becomes a trade off. That must sell by date, is often not as important as it was at first.

We know these things will change and are ready to adapt to your interests as they evolve.

6. We Work On Your Schedule

We have worked with clients that purchased a home in a matter of days. While others took years.

In most cases, it depends on when you are planning to move to Tucson, AZ. When people are moving for a new job their time frame is relatively short. For those planning for a future place to retire it may take longer. In many cases, a client may need to sell an existing home before they could buy one.

We understand each client is different. There are many factors that can affect a person’s time frame and schedule. We understand this. We are here to help you achieve your goals on your schedule.

7. For Sellers – We Take The Time To Understand Your Motivation To Sell Your Home

There is a big difference between selling an investment property and a personal home. Investors tend to be numbers driven. Selling a person home will have emotions involved.

We take the time to understand each client’s motivation for selling. Whether it an investment property, winter home or year around residents.

We ask about “what you want to do”? What is your time frame to sell. Do you need to sell before you move? The answers will help us create a marketing strategy for you.

We want to understand your objectives and concerns about selling your home and will take the time to answer your questions. Including commissions and where your dollars go.

As top Tierra Antigua real estate agents, we work for YOU!

8. Our Clients Say It All

We have a long list of testimonials on our website – Read what our clients say.

As professionals, we know word of mouth is the best source of new clients. We want you to be our next testimonial and reference.


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We are ready to answer your questions and help you get the information you are looking for.

We are a top Realtor duo in Tucson, AZ since 2002. Take a minute to read our profile to see why we are the top Professional Realtor Team in Tucson.

We look forward to making your home buying or selling experience enjoyable YOU!

If you are considering a move to Tucson Arizona in very near term or just starting to look for that perfect place to retire too, we can help!

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