Tucson Homes Newsletter July 2023

Premier Tucson Homes Newsletter July 2023

Tucson Market Update – Things To Know – Things To Do!

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Welcome to the Premier Tucson Homes Newsletter July 2023

Tucson Homes Newsletter
Tucson Homes Newsletter July 2023 – Tucson Housing Market Update – May 2023 Results

Median and Average Sales Prices for single family homes moved up  –  Median Price Up 3.8% — Average Price Up 5.2%  – from May 2022.

Active Listings at the end of May  stood at 1,525, up 10.7% from the prior year. That is a 1.7 month supply at the current sales rate.

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With 3 digit temperatures during the day, outdoor activities may be a bit of a challenge. Unless, that outdoor activity is under ground. Here are two opportunities to explore, experience and learn.

Colossal Cave

Newsletter july 2023 colossal caveOur top pick for a Tucson summer day adventure under ground is Colossal Cave. The Cave is in Colossal Cave Mountain Park near Vail, AZ.

The origins of the Cave began around 300 million years ago. Yes, that is 300 million. Geologists consider this to be “new” as it relates to the earths formation.

Colossal Cave is significant to archeologists establishing Hohokam people were in the area. They have found evidence that Hohokam people used the Cave for shelter around 900 AD.The Cave became legendary when train robbers used it as a hideout after pulling a job.

But there were riches inside that the robbers did not appreciate: Bat guano. As fertilizer it was a valuable commodity. In 1905 a tunnel provided access to mine the guano until it ran out.

Next, a boom in Cave tourism was about to begin. To learn more about this great day trip take a few minutes to read about …..COLOSSAL CAVE!

Titan II Missile Museum

newsletter july 2023 Titan II Missile Muesum

Fifty-four Titan II ICBMs became operational in early 1963. Three groups of 18 missiles around three Air Force Bases.

They were Davis-Monthan in Tucson, Arizona, Little Rock AFB, Arkansas and McConnell AFB, Kansas.

The Titan II sites were operational until the mid 1980’s. After decommissioning, only ONE site was not demolished. It became the Titan II Missile Muesum on Duval Mine Road south of Tucson, AZ.

Not only escape the summer heat, but get a glimpse of what was happening 24 X 7 for the personnel that manned these sites. Take a quick read about the ……TITAN II MISSILE MUSEUM!

Fini’s Other Landing —- The Landing In Oro Valley

The LandingAlthough small, it presents the beach comer theme of its sister store and similar menu.

This is what a sports bar on a beach would be, without the beach. With over a dozen TV’s around the place, watching your favorite team is easy.

The main dining area surrounds the bar that offers 2 dozen plus beers on tap. For wines, the selection is a bit limited.

A couple of house wines and a few bottles with labels you may not recognize.

This is a popular place and easy to get to. Learn more about …..The Landing.

Tucson Homes Newsletter July 2023 – Gardening Tips

Water: Adjust the drip system to accommodate warming temps and monsoon season. Large established cacti and succulents will need supplemental watering if monsoon rains are scarce.

Fertilize: Trees, shrubs and vines using ammonium sulfate. Do NOT fertilize anything that goes dormant in winter.

Plant: Flowering bulbs, herbs, desert shrubs, cacti, euphorbia, agave, yucca, and palms.

Prune: All that went wild during the monsoon rains.

Check On Things: Watch for wilting leaves that don’t recover overnight; adjust watering to eliminate stress. Remember to water plants in the morning. This time of year even the native plants need supplemental water if it’s not raining.


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It is summer in Tucson and that means fewer ( ok, NO ) big events outside.

But check out these sites to find something of interest…..


As always, when we know, you will know what’s “Going On In Tucson”.

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