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The Results for the Tucson Housing Market January 2023 show both the Average and Median Sales Prices for a single family home increased year over year, by 7.1% and 2.9% respectively.

Active Listings continue at historic lows with 2,085 single family homes on the market at the end of January 2023. That translates to a 2.2 month supply.

It is worth noting that while active listings are up year over year, homes for sale actually dropped 13.1% from December 2022.

Following single family homes, the Average and Median Sales price for Condos and Townhouses moved up as well. The Average sales price jumped up 15.8% and Median 14.7%.

Now for the details……

The Tucson Housing Market January 2023 – Single Family Homes

January 2023 housing market single family homes

The Tucson Housing Market January 2023 – Condos & Townhouses

Tucson January 2023 condo Townhomes

Inventory of Condos and Townhouses stands at 258 units on the market. That is an increase of 95.5% from January 2022, but down 16.8% from the prior month.

Average Sales Prices – Increased 7.1% Year Over Year For Single Family Homes And 15.8% For Condos/Townhouses

Average Sales price January 2023 Tucson

Median Sales Prices – Increased 2.9% Year Over Year For Single Family Homes And 14.7% For Condos/Townhouses

Median Sales Price january 2023

Active Listings – Single Family Homes Increased 67.1% From January 2022 to 2,085 homes for sale. However, that was a Decrease of 13.1% from the prior month.

Active listings Tucson housing market

Average Days On Market (DOM) – Stands At 49 Days For Single Family Homes and 36 Days for Condos/Townhouses

days on market January 2023 Tucson

For Single Family Home Days On Market increased 104.2% from January 2022. For Condo/Townhouses DOM increased 71.4% from the prior year period.

Percentage Of Listing Price Paid By Buyer – Is 97.6% For Single Family Homes And 98.1% For Condos/Townhouses

Sold to list percent Tucson January 2023


The Drivers are shifting – Inventory is UP year over year, but down from the prior month. As before, inventory is still low compared to “normal” market conditions. Mortgage interest rates are in the 5.5% to 6.5% range. Days on market is getting longer, but under 50 days. Demand continues to be strong to good depending on price point.

Demand for new construction has moderated and builders adding incentives to close the deal. There are new homes are being built across Tucson, but in most cases a new construction home will cost more than a resale due to landscaping and home furnishing costs.

Keep in mind when buying new construction, landscaping, decorating and window treatments are not included in the price. Want a pool, plan on $45,000 to $70,000 for a standard no frills pool.

By the way, if you want to be represented by a Realtor when buying new construction your Realtor MUST go with you to the first meeting at the sales office. Here are some considerations why Realtor representation for new construction is important.

And while prices continue to rise, Tucson is still a good value compared to many areas in the U.S.

If a “fixer upper” has even a small appeal, check out a 203K FHA loan. Its a good option to have in your pocket when buying a home in Tucson, AZ.

Tucson Is A Great Place To Live

Tucson remains one of the lower cost of living cities in Arizona and the U.S.

The greater Tucson area continues as a top pick for cities to live in across the United States with lots of Things To Do!

Considering A Home Tucson?

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Why? We want you to know what to expect. And what to plan for.

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When submitting an offer

Given current inventory levels, low ball offers aren’t getting traction. So, if you “really” want the home, make a “reasonable” offer.

You have to ask yourself, “Will I feel bad if I don’t get this house?” If the answer is no, then put in an offer you would feel is a steal and see what happens. But your chances of a “great deal” aren’t good.

If the answer is yes, put in an offer you and your Realtor think is reasonable.

We will work with you to understand your objectives and analyze the market to determine – as best we can – a price range for the home you want to buy or sell.

Go to the Tucson housing report archives for a look at priore housing reports and trends.


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