Best Places To Live In The US

Do You Know The Best Places To Live In The US?

A New Study Identifies The Best Places To Live In The US

Best Places To Live In The USAre you trying to find one of the best places to live in the US?

The Washington Post’s recent article may provide answers to that question. They reviewed a study by the USDA Economic Research Service published on August 14, 2015. The study ranked every county in the United States from best to worst.

The rankings used an index of six criteria correlated to scenery and climate. Researchers applied this “natural amenities index” against each county in the adjacent 48 states. That means a total of 3,111 were in the study.

Sorry, data for Hawaii and Alaska was not included in the research.

No Surprise Here

Well, guess what? The top 10 counties, out of the 3,111 counties studied are in California. Ventura County CA ranked number 1. By the way, most of those counties are on or just west of the San Andreas fault line. Something to ponder??

The top 200 counties ranked as the best places to live in the US are on the west coast states and Southwest region of the US. Exceptions Are In Southern Florida and Wyoming

There isn’t a single county in the Midwest, northeast, east coast or southeast ranked in the top 200. Perhaps further validation of why people retire to the southwest region of the US. Check out the interactive map!

Arizona Counties

How do the counties in Arizona rank? Please note, we live in Tucson AZ and believe it is a wonderful area of Arizona. There are 15 counties in Arizona. Of those, 12 ranked in the top 200 counties identified as the best places to live in the US.


Where is your top place to live in the US? The pattern of the results from the study are an indicator of what people view as a best place to live in US. There is likely no surprise that many Baby Boomers are moving from across the US to Arizona.

Most have lived and worked in the areas of the United States not in the top 200. After years of work, they look forward to more leisure time in one of the best places to live in the US. They want a place to enjoy a new lifestyle and purse their interests.

Two criteria not included in the study were cost of living and winter climate. These two criteria will influence any decision on the best place to live in America. And don’t forget about taxes. Arizona is considered one of the top ten low tax states in the US.

Including these factors into identifying the best places to live makes Southern Arizona a top contender. Our clients are from California say Arizona’s lower cost of living is attractive to them.

Is Tucson AZ or another Southern Arizona city on your list of best places to live in the US? If not, perhaps it should be.

Give us a call, we can help you find your best place in Tucson AZ for a year around home or a great winter retreat.

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