Home Inspection Process Tips For Sellers

Consider These Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

These Home Inspection Process Tips May Help You Sell Your Home – FAST

home inspection process tipsThe following Home Inspection Process Tips are for home sellers. Let’s understand what the home inspection process really does. First, a home inspection is not a home appraisal. A home appraisal is an estimate of home’s value.

Nor is it a “Holmes inspection” that finds and repairs major home construction faults. If you don’t recognize the Holmes inspection, you probable don’t watch HGTV. That OK!

The home inspection process is an in-depth examination of a home’s general condition. The home inspection is designed to turn up any issues with a home being sold. A home inspection is a key part of the home selling process.

The home inspection process starts with the acceptance of a purchase contact by the home seller. The home buyer will pick a home inspector and schedule a time for the home inspection. Usually through buyers real estate agent.

A licensed home inspector will be hired to conduct the inspection. Once completed, the home inspector prepares a report of their findings and provides it to the party that hired them. As a home seller you will receive a copy of the report from the buyer or buyer’s real estate agent.

Should any issues be identified, the seller has time to have any items repaired before the home goes on the market. The home inspection process will review the heating and air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems. Also, the appliances and outdoor items such as pool or spa.

When a home inspection is conducted there will be a home inspection report. The home inspection report will identify all items that are faulty or not up to building code. If anything is in imminent danger of failing (at the end of its useful life) or needing repairs, the inspector will highlight them in their home inspection report.

Inspection tips for sellers.

1 – Use a licensed home inspector. No license means no value.

2 – Consider having a home inspection done before listing your home.

3 – Have all major issues repaired before putting your home on the market.

4 – Give the home inspection report to your listing agent and disclose what was found and repaired.

5 – Have all receipts for work done available for presentation to an interested buyer.

Home inspection process tips for sellers or buyers would be to follow the inspector around. Ask questions and understand what is or isn’t working correctly.

The last of the home inspection process tips for sellers and buyers is to always use a licensed home inspector. Inspections should be carried out by a licensed home inspector. Licensing requirement will vary from state to state. Check out the Home Inspector Licensing requirements for an Arizona inspector.

An average inspection in Tucson Arizona will cost between $300-$450. There will be additional cost for a termite inspection or for optional inspections such as: radon, water testing, pool, well water and septic inspections.

Should a home seller or buyer have any questions about inspections, call your agent in order to understand the home inspection process further.

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