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Moving Tips To Help Organize Your Move

These 10 Moving Tips Will Help Jump Start Your Moving Checklist 

Mmoving tips tucsonoving tips and considerations to help reduce the stress. Even a relative small home holds lots of things. Furniture, kitchen dishes and appliances, clothes, moments, pictures and lots of other item . Oh, not to mention the garage.

If you are only moving a short distance, one of the moving tips would be to consider moving the smaller items yourself. Rent a truck, pack them up and move them to your new home. The bigger items will still require hiring a moving company but there are usually fewer big items that medium or small boxes. It may take a day or two, but could save you a lot of money.

Planning a move will help everyone get organized and ready to go. Some interesting moving tips would be to give everyone in the family a few tasks to create a “family team” event.

The time start planning a move is best begun as soon as you decide to sell you home. Some of the task required to get your home ready to sell will help the moving process. For example, clearing out closets, basements or attics means there will be less to do once the home is under contract. In Tucson, most homes don’t have basements, so you can skip that one.

Planning a move will be impacted by a number of things:

Moving tips for those moving out of state. Contact an interstate mover and the use of a large van. Also, shop the moving companies. They are deregulated and pricing may be negotiable.

For a move internationally. There are a host of considerations to be made based on which country you are moving to. It is worth noting that some item that are common in the State might be prohibited in a foreign country. It will be worth the time to check with the  embassy in Washington, D.C., for more information. Also, check on customs protocols, duties and taxes that might be incurred.

Moving tips for local or short moves. If your move is local or a short distance from your present home you can lower costs by doing some of the work yourself. Your moving checklist should include boxes, packing peanuts, blankets and padding. Oh, and don’t forget to reserve a rental van or truck.

Planning a move is key.  As boxes are packed label them. Identify the room, place or location so you or the movers aren’t moving everything twice.

Create a moving checklist that includes all the steps required. Moving is a big job and a moving checklist can make it more organized and easier. Here are some moving tips to consider:

Moving Tips #1 – Cash on hand. If you’re moving more than a few miles you will probable need some cash or credit cards for fuel, food and lodging.

Moving Tips #2 – Keep medicines and related prescriptions in a place where they can be reached during the move.

Moving Tips #3 – Number all the boxes so that all boxes can be counted on arrival. Make a list of boxes by number and indicate their contents. The movers will do this as well, but the ability to cross check each box can save a big hassle at your new destination.

Moving Tips #4 – When moving with children, have a favorite toy, games, music or other items for them to play with.

Moving Tips #5 – Identify all special handling items. For antiques or very special items you may want to hire a separate moving company specializing in these items.

Moving Tips #6 – Have contact phone numbers and your cell phone available. Just in case you need help or encounter a break down along the way.

Moving Tips #7 – Keep you laptop or notepad computer handy to check up on business and personal e-mail.

Moving Tips #8 – Last, but not least, be sure you understand the moving company’s insurance coverage. It can sound adequate, but be a disaster should a major piece of furniture be damaged or “not show up”.

Moving Tips #9 – And one more. For a long move, it may be less expensive when you contract through a moving company in your destination city. Based on seasons, some carriers aren’t as busy and will actually charge less.

Moving Tips #10 – Contact the local utility companies serving your homes and let them know the buyers name and contact information. Your Realtor can help you with this.

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