Getting A Home Sold

Tips To Get Your Home Sold

Getting Your Home Sold Is The Goal

home soldGetting your HOME SOLD! There is no doubt that selling a home is usually a big and important event.

Getting a home sold means change. Whether for a job change or any other reason ones surroundings, schools, time to visit friends and family will all change.

The home selling process also causes change in the homeowners day to day living. Home showings, open houses, buyer questions all add hassles to ones daily routine. Since people will be looking at your home, keeping it clean and ready will take more time. And with a successful home marketing strategy, documents will need to be signed sign, counter offers negotiated and perhaps some repairs made.

But lets start at the beginning. For some reason, you are about to sell your home. Choosing a Realtor to work with is the next big step. An experienced and professional Realtor will guide you through the process and reduce the stress you may feel. Yes, Charley Brown, the doctor is in!

Now fast forward. The fair market value of your home has been set, the home marketing strategy executed and you have an offer.

Now the big question, is it an acceptable offer?

The vision of every seller is to have buyers submitting lots of offers to purchase your home. Each offer being higher then the last. Great vision, but perhaps not reality. Yes, many homes get multiple offers when they are priced right, prepared right, are in the right location and market conditions are good.

But in today’s real estate market it is the exception and not the rule in most areas of the country.

So, when that first offer is brought to you by your Realtor, how do you determine that it is an acceptable offer?

A number of factors need to be weighted when determining if a buyer’s offer is acceptable. Some include:

  • Is the offer at or near the asking price?
  • Is the offer above the asking price?
  • Has the buyer asked for seller concessions on the closing schedule, closing costs or other items?
  • If a home has been on the market of some time, and this is the first offer, what are the options?
  • Can the seller wait longer to get the “right offer”?

If multiple offers are received,do you choose the high offer from a buyer with a minimum down payment, or a lower offer from a buyer with cash or pre-approved financing?

In each case, look to your Realtor for insight and advice. And at the end of the day, recognize there is not perfect answer. The best offer can go south and the less attractive offer achieve your objective to get your home sold.

Ok, you have decided to do a counter-offer?

Frequently, the initial offer to purchase will not meet all of the sellers objectives. Price, timing to move in/out, requested seller concessions, what ever.

As the seller, you can decide to make a counter-offer. The counter-offer  is actually nothing more than a new offer. When the counter-offer is received by the potential buyer, they have three options. Accept the offer, decline the offer or submit a new counter-offer.

Needless to say, the process can go on for some time. Offers and counter-offers and more counter-offers.

Offers and counter-offers is the way the two parties negotiate in a  real estate transaction that will get your Tucson home sold.

The process usually sees both parties making compromises. Each party needs to understand that it’s not war and  it’s not winner-take-all. It is the process of getting your home sold.

Want to get your home sold in Tucson AZ or want information on the home selling process? We can help. Give us a call at 866 316  5575 or submit our CONTACT FORM. We will get right back to you.

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