Tucson Homes Newsletter August 2022

Tucson Homes Newsletter August 2022 & Real Estate Update

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Welcome to the Tucson Homes Newsletter August 2022

Tucson Newsletter

Tucson Newsletter – June 2022 Market Report

Active Listings at the end of June 2022  increased 36.1% over May 2022 to 1,601 single family homes on the market. Year over year the inventory of homes increased 41.1%  from June 2021. That is now 2 consecutive months Active Listings have increased, but the number of active listings remains at historical lows.

Rising mortgage interest rates appear to have put the brakes on buyers. Closed sales were down 20.6% from June 2021. Current rates are in the 5.75% to 6.25% range and will likely be going higher as the Fed is suggesting a 75 basis point hike in the second half of July 2022.

The Fed is attempting to slow inflation through higher Fed fund rates. Although mortgage rates are not directly link to the Fed funds rate, it is expected that mortgage rates will climb as well.

Will the Tucson housing market start of slow. Probably!

But the question is how much and when. Our July report should be the first signal of what is to come.

Read our May report for more…….

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For The Report

 HiFalutin – Bills Itself As A “Rapid Western Grill”

This Tucson restaurant has been serving good food in an upscale western decor restaurant since 2002. Servers wear 10 gallon hats and the service is very good – attentive and friendly.

Tables are a bit close together so there may be some noise in your conversation. Build a bridge, get over it.

The wait staff is super friendly and add to the cowboy feel of the restaurant. FYI if you are looking for the happy hour specials, plan to sit at the bar.

Tucson restaurant review

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Dantes FireA Restaurant That Belongs On Triple D

Dantes Fire presents fine food and casual atmosphere that caters to well, everyone. Start with our daily Happy Hour and feel welcome to hang out all night long.

The food is tasty and interesting, but they shine in the area of customer service.  No matter which wait staff you get, the experience is super pleasant.

It is a bit quirky, slightly divey, but it is always fun!

The food good, but sometimes the service can be a bit slow.

Dante's Fire Cocktails and Cuisine

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Drive Or Ship – That Is The Question!

For many people that have a winter/seasonal home in Arizona, the big question they have is  – “should we drive our car or ship it this year”?

Depending on where your summer home is that can be an easy or difficult question to answer.

The cost of gas, lodging, meals can be significant along with the TIME involved. All these factors need to be considered to make the better decision.

To help determine what is “right” for you, we have some thoughts for you to consider.

shipping your car

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car shipping service

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August 2022 Tucson Homes NewsletterGardening Tips For August/September

Water: Adjust the drip system to accommodate warming temps and monsoon season. Watch for wilting leaves that don’t recover overnight; adjust watering to eliminate stress. Remember to water plants in the morning. From the heat, watch for leaks in your drip system. Large established cacti and succulents will need supplemental watering if monsoon rains are scarce.

Fertilize: Trees, shrubs and vines using ammonium sulfate. Do NOT fertilize anything that goes dormant in winter.

Prune: All the stuff that went wild during the monsoon season.

Plant: Flowering bulbs, herbs, desert shrubs, cacti, euphorbia, agave, yucca, and palms.

What’s Happening Around Tucson Fun in the Sun


We had to search a bit, but here is what we found.

Here Are – 9 Things To Do In Tucson in August

Summer In TucsonDiscover Your Favorite Things To Do

Head To Mt. Lemmon10 Things To Do

Day Trip ToPine Top

That’s it for now….

As always, when we know, you will know what’s “Going On In Tucson”.

Are you thinking of Tucson AZ as a place to live or find that perfect winter retreat? We can help.

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