Tucson Homes Newsletter – December 2023

Tucson Homes Newsletter and Housing Market Pulse for December 2023 

Latest News and Things to Do in Tucson AZ!

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Welcome to the Tucson Homes Newsletter for December 2023

Tucson Homes Newsletter

Wishing You & Your Family A Blessed Holiday Season ~ Cheers to 2024!

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Tucson Homes Newsletter Housing Market pulse

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Arizona Real Estate

Moving to ArizonaIf you’re looking to move to the southwestern part of the United States, Arizona is a great choice!

Arizona has a lot to offer potential homebuyers. It is a big state with a diverse topography. From the Grand Canyon in the north to Sonoran Desert in the south.

Between those locations are mountains, forests, lakes and cities.

Owning Arizona real estate provides access to natural beauty and endless recreation opportunities.

But where are the best places to live or enjoy a seasonal home?

One place we especially enjoy is Tucson, AZ. Why? We live there!

In the metro Tucson area, potential homeowners will find a variety of Tucson homes for sale.

These homes offer spectacular views of the Sonoran Desert and nearby mountain ranges.

Plus there are plenty of cultural attractions and world-renowned spas to enjoy.

Are you thinking moving to the southwest? Consider Arizona and check out the greater metro Tucson Area for your next home.

Biosphere 2 – Failed Experiment or Groundbreaking Research

tucson newsletter december 2023Biosphere 2 was an ambitious, world-renowned experiment located north of Tucson in Arizona. The enclosed glass structure covers around 40 acres. It is a large facility creating replicas of desert, tropical and oceanic ecosystems.

This unique setup generated great interest and research opportunities around the world.

The Biosphere 2 project began in 1984. An idea of billionaire philanthropist Ed Bass and systems ecologist John P. Allen.

Ownership of the facility changed several times since its completion in 1991. The University of Arizona took control of the facility in 2007. U of A continues research at Biosphere 2, studying the many aspects of global climate change.

Learn more about …..Biosphere 2

El Berraco Restaurant

December 2023 newsletterIf you’re looking for something different in Mexican food, visit El Berraco. A unique Pacific Rim Mexican restaurant in Tucson.

This restaurant delivers a unique culinary experience with their flavorful Pacific Rim cuisine.

And if that isn’t enough, they also offer drink specials as unique as the food.

The decor at El Berraco explodes with bright colors and patterns from the coast of Mexico. A nautical theme brings out the coastal villages of the area as well.

So if you’re in the mood for some unique and delicious Mexican food, stop by ……..El Berraco.

Our Tucson Homes Newsletter  – Gardening Tips For DECEMBER

Gardening Tips For The Winter Months

Water: Watering outside plants during this time should be kept to a minimum since this is their dormant period. Do not water cactus or succulents before frosts. Also watch for signs of fungus where things may become too wet.

Protect: December/January is a rainy period and are typically our coldest months so watch for freezing. Use Styrofoam cups on columnar cacti to prevent freezing. Cover citrus trees and plants on freezing nights. Lime trees and bougainvillea are especially vulnerable.

Harvest: Only harvest your citrus if several days of freezing are predicted. Cool weather is when you harvest citrus. Keep in mind the longer the fruit stays on the tree, you get the reward of sweeter fruit.

Rule of thumb – tangerines ripen first, then navel oranges, tangelos, lemons, and limes last. Wait until April to cut back frost damaged citrus, bougainvillea and lantana. it is also a great time to remove mistletoe from mesquite trees.

Plant: Salad greens.

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