What To Do In Tucson – Outdoors

Who Else Wants To Know “What to do in Tucson – Outdoors”

8 Things Everyone Should Have On Their List For “What To Do In Tucson – Outdoors”

What To Do In Tucson – Outdoors

What To Do In Tucson Tucson has much to offer in the number of things to do outdoors.  In Southern Arizona, “outdoors” is virtually a 24X7 lifestyle. Great mountains mean hiking, mountain biking and horse trails. Great weather means golf or tennis can be scheduled any day. Tucson is a good size city and that means street fairs, outdoor events and just lots of fun exploring the “old Pueblo”.

For a lot of people outdoor activities expands your soul and brightens your spirit. We believe people are more friendly in Tucson because of the sunshine. Over 350 days is the headline. Sunshine, blue skies and panoramic mountain views from almost everywhere. Why would anyone be unhappy here? Whether you are just visiting, a seasonal “snowbird” or a full time resident there is an endless number of things to do in Tucson – outdoors.

What to do in Tucson – Outdoors – Includes

Hiking – For many Tucson residents and visitors hiking is at the top of the list for What to do in Tucson – outdoors. With five mountain ranges surrounding Tucson there is an infinite number of trails for Tucson hikes.
Most of the mountain ranges are protected as city and state parks, national forest, or national park. This has protected the landscape and created great Tucson hiking trails. Many trails offer a convenient access to the unspoiled desert beauty of the area. This makes hiking in Tucson an option any time of the year – For more ….

Golf – Tucson Golf Courses abound. Tucson Golf Courses can be found throughout the Tucson Metropolitan area and provide players of all skill levels an opportunity to enjoy the game. Players can choose an “easy” round, or for those more skilled there are courses to challenge every part of your game and your temperament. Tucson provides Golf Resorts, Semi-Private Golf Courses and Public access golf Courses. Find your favorite Tucson golf course, here!

Horse Riding – OK, not for everyone, but a real opportunity to see the old west in a true western fashion. If you are looking for an answer to your question of “what to do in Tucson –  outdoors, take a horse ride. Check out where to saddle up and head out – here.

Fishing – Yes, there are opportunities to go fishing in Tucson and southern Arizona. Bring your gear, pack a lunch and wet a line. You may be surprised what you catch. Find your favorite fishing hole – here.

CyclingEl Tour de Tucson has put Tucson AZ on the map for cyclists. There are literally dozens of biking trails in and around Tucson. Cycling is another answer to the question “what to do in Tucson – outdoors”.

Cyclists in Tucson and the surrounding area have hundreds of places to cycle or take on a mountain trail. There are over 1,000 total miles of bike trails in the Tucson area. These include, bike routes, bike routes with striped shoulders, shared-use paths, bus/bike lanes and bicycle boulevards. Level grades, moderately rugged and for the really adventurous, the Mt. Lemmon run. To find your favorite Tucson biking trail, start here.

Pickleball – This game has replaced tennis for many active people. Smaller courts make the strain on the knees a lot less painful. Doubles games spur the competitive spirits and bring people together in, what can be, a very social activity. For more on Pickleball…

Gardening – For residents, the Tucson climate is great for growing a wide range of plants, succulents and flowers. However, our climate does change throughout the year, so you need to know what grows well and when. Learn more …

People watching – After the game or before stopping at your favorite “happy hour” spot, people watching may be another answer to “what to do in Tucson outdoors”. Here is a quick tour of Oro Valley in the Northwest area of Tucson.

If you are considering Tucson, Oro Valley, SaddleBrooke, Dove Mountain or other area of Tucson as a place to live, we can help.

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