What You Need To Know To Find The Best Realtor

Questions To Help You Find The Best Realtor – For You

Interview Them As You Would An Attorney Or Financial Advisor !

what you need to know to find the best realtor choosing a realtorThe “right” Realtor becomes your partner, advisor, best friend, and therapist. That is why it is critical to select the best Realtor for you. Choose one you trust!

Otherwise you may be stuck with someone you don’t see eye-to-eye with. If you don’t trust them how can you believe their answers to questions are in your best interest?

Use somebody you feel confident will give you the best advice to achieve YOUR goals. How can you discover who is THE ONE?

Questions To Ask –

1. How many years have you been Realtors In Tucson AZ?

You want a Realtor who knows the market and the real estate business. It is pretty easy to have 90 hours of classes and pass a test. But knowledge and expertise is gained through experience.

Per the NAR, the average tenure as a Realtor is 10 years. Look for someone with more than that.

If you are considering building a home ask your best Realtor candidate what to be aware of. A new construction contract is different than a standard “resale” purchase contract. Ask us why!

Our Answer –

We have been a Tucson Realtor Team since 2002. We are full time Realtors helping our clients reach their goals.

Our experience and professional backgrounds puts our clients FIRST!

We have been through the good , the bad, and the recovery. We know Tucson and the Tucson real estate market.

2. What Certifications Do You Have

Every Realtor must attend continuing education classes to maintain their license. In Arizona, the 24 hours of class time every 24 months.

Understand what training the Realtor has had. And take time and ask about certification the Realtor has outside of the normal real estate CE programs.

For example, going to a University for a course in finance. Or taking an online class in a relevant field of knowledge.

Our Answer –

We don’t know the education and backgrounds of every Tucson Realtor. But our clients say we are the professionals and exceeded their expectations. What do you think – Read what our clients say! Judge for you self.

3. What is your education and work experience before you become a Realtor?

what you need to know to find the best realtorA college degree and work experience is good to have, but only if it is relevant to the real estate. Would a degree in philosophy help in writing a legal contract? Maybe, maybe not.

It might depend on the work experience of the person with the degree.

Does the candidate as your best Realtor understand the economy of the area? Property and income taxes?

Those are things that will effect you in the long run. And may have an impact on the value of your home.

Our Answer – 

Before deciding to be Tucson Realtors, our careers were in professional service industries. We use that experience to understand your interests, needs and goals. What do you think – TAKE A LOOK!

4. Do you do this full-time?

There are lot of people working part time in real estate. Do you want a Realtor that’s part time?

An agent working full-time is more likely to be up-to-date on the state of the market and the details of the communities and towns in the area.

Full time Realtor do more transactions. They are in the trenches everyday. Not just when the neighbor’s friend wants to sell their home.

Our Answer –


5. What neighborhoods do you specialize in?

You want your best Realtor to be well-acquainted with the areas you’re interested in. And better yet, areas you may not be aware of.

A good way to do this is to outline your interests. Style of home, amenities, hobbies, activities and budget. If your best Realtor candidate is any good, they will have more questions for you than you have for them.

A best Realtor will be direct, probe to find what you haven’t told them and explain what your trade-offs might be.

Our Answer –

We cover the entire Tucson Real Estate Market. From SaddleBrooke Ranch in the north to Green Valley in the South. And all the places in between.

We work with families, retirees and snowbirds to help them find their “perfect” home.

We have added Casa Grande and Florence, AZ as well.

6. What’s your schedule and availability?

A part time Realtor may have problems with this question. Are they going to clear their schedule and be available when you need them?

Can they adapt to changes in your schedule? Will they be there to answer your questions when you, your lender or the escrow officer need answers?

If the answer is “maybe”, keep looking!

A best Realtor candidate will outline the home buying or selling process. Identify the critical events in the process. And establish the communication method that works best for you. Whether it’s phone, text, email, or zoom.

The best Realtors will set the expectations through every step in the process. This will be different for buys and sellers.

Our Answer –

You are our client, we work for you. We are on your schedule. Is it possible to have a schedule conflict? Yes. But we will let you know in advance and work with you to resolve it.

8. What sets you apart from the competition?

what you need to know to find the best realtorThe best realtor candidates will have no trouble answering this question. But what differentiates the best Realtors from the pack is how well they listen.

And the questions they ask you.

A Realtor that keeps talking isn’t listening. They are selling you on what they think is important. And that may not be what you want. Only the best Realtor will keep asking questions and listen to your answers.

What are you looking for? Have you been to the area before? What are your interests? What are your favorite hobbies and activities?

Will you be a “snowbird” or year around resident? Etc. Etc.

The best Realtor wants to know about you. That’s how they will be able to meet your needs and expectations. Beware of the talker!

Our Answer –

Experience, education and backgrounds. This is a repeat, but our careers in professional service industries is unique. We use that experience and our real estate expertise to understand your interests, needs and wants you are looking for. We will blow away the BIG MYTHS about Realtors.

9. Do you work independently or with a team?

Some people think real estate is a one person process.

Others, especially newbies, work on a real estate team with the experienced Realtor as the team leader. The rookies are the team members.

Some teams are good, some not so good. It all depends on your expectations.

And expectations can fall apart. So be clear on what you expect. Not what the Realtor and their team want.

Once again, the best Realtor knows this. They will take time to explain how the process will work. And will change their process to meet your expectations.

Our Answer –

We are a husband and wife team OR duo! We are two resources with different skill sets and extensive Tucson real estate expertise.

10. How long does it typically take buyers you’ve worked with to find and purchase a home?

The simple answer is “it depends”. Are you a cash buyer? Do you need to sell your present home before buying the next one?

Will you be getting a mortgage? Do you have the funds for the earnest money.

These are key considerations in setting a home buying schedule. Sellers will have a whole different list of considerations.

Can you make trade-offs throughout the home buying process. Is finding the “perfect” home in your least favorite community a problem for you.

The best Realtor candidate will always ask what you like or don’t like about every home they show you. Why?

Simple. It is the way to understand the changes may be taking place in what you think you want in a Tucson home. Almost every buyer changes some of their home buying criteria during the process.

From a view isn’t important to it’s essential! Wanted a pool to maybe not.

So on and so forth. The best Realtor candidate gathers information from you. And uses the information to find your perfect home. But there may be some trade-offs.

Our Answer –

A cash buyer can be in a position to close in 3 weeks. But that also depends on the seller’s schedule.

When buying a home with a mortgage, 45 to 60 days is typical. But that means you are ready to move from your present home.

Is it already sold?

Can you handle two mortgage payments until you sell your home?

Do you need to sell to get the down-payment on the new home?

We know our schedule doesn’t drive the process. Yours does.

And with two of us working for you there shouldn’t be any schedule conflicts.

11. How will you determine what homes may match my wants and needs?

In many ways, you have the answer to this question.

As we stated before, it is our experience that a home buyer’s criteria changes during the process. Why?

It will change based on what you see. As you visit homes for sale you will see things you like or don’t like.

What you thought you wanted may become less important. What you didn’t even think about may become important.

There is no home buying questionnaire that will lead right to “the” home. It is a process of seeing, sorting, seeing, sorting and finishing.

Based on discussions with you, the best Realtor will get insights into your needs and wants. And the big decision, your budget. That may override some of the “wants”.

When you contact us before starting your Tucson home buying process, we will go over these considerations in detail.

We will set up home searches that meet your “initial” criteria. And send you daily updates on homes for sale that meet them.

We want you to be as well informed about the Tucson real estate market. And get a feel of what you can buy within your budget.

Our Answer –

One of two ways.

When you contact us before coming to Tucson to find your home, we will have discussed your interests and set you home searches for you. We will also provide information on Tucson and the home buying process in Arizona.

If you wait until you arrive in  Tucson, our first meeting will be to provide a market and discuss your home buying objectives.

12. How will you keep in contact with me during the buying process and how often?

You hold the answer to this question. How do you want us to communicate with you. You decide, we will do what you want. The same is true for the communication schedule.

Tell us your preferred method of communication, your schedule, your way. We will do it. We work for you.

When we are showing you homes, we are right there to answer your questions. And help you see any trade-offs for every home we show you.

The beauty of today’s real estate business is that almost everything can be done electronically. You don’t need to be in Tucson to sign documents. Or to close on your perfect home in Tucson.

Our Answer –

Ask us, we will describe how it will be done to meet YOUR schedule and interests.

13. What Do Your Clients Say About Your Services?

This is another question to separate experienced Realtors from the rookies. Experienced Realtors know the importance of client testimonials. And they have them!  Rookies don’t!

Ask to see a Realtor’s client testimonials. Ask if they have been edited. Read about the services provided.

Not only showing homes, but the above and beyond stuff. Are words such as honest, professional, care about clients and “are the best”.

We care about each client and their unique situation. As in real estate, not two homes are exactly alike. And neither are the people who buy or sell them. Our clients!

Our Answer –

Read  “What Our Clients Say


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