Tucson Home Inspections Process For Buyers

Home Inspections Are A KEY Tucson Home Buyer Consideration

All Tucson Home Buyers Should Do Home Inspections 

Tucson Home InspectionsTucson Home Inspections – there is only one thing to say about Tucson Home Inspections – Don’t Buy a Home without one !

Tucson Home Inspections provide home Buyers information on a homes condition.  The Tucson Home Inspections report identifies any conditions that should be repaired.  Also, the home inspection can expose hidden health and safety issues that exist within the home.

The Home Inspector will provide a written report.  A Tucson Home Inspections report will present the steps taken and any limitations effecting their findings.  A Tucson Home Inspections report will cover the foundation, electrical, roof, A/C, heating, plumbing, Appliances and overall condition of the structure and other Items.

Most Tucson Home inspectors take photos of any item they identify as needing repair.  They will describe the condition and what should be done to repair the item.

The Inspection Report presents the inspectors view of the condition of the home.  Any specific issues that should be considered for repair will be identified.  We will review the Inspection Report with you.  We will answer your questions. We will suggest options and work with you to identify items to be requested for repair.

It is important to understand that once the Buyer has received the Tucson Home Inspections Report, the Buyer has 3 courses of action

1- Accept the home without requesting any repairs and proceed to closing.

2 – Reject the home based upon the issues raised by the inspection.

3 – Formally request the seller to make stated repairs to the home.

If the Buyer selects #3

We will prepare a “Repair Addendum” listing the requested repairs.  When signed, we will forward it to the Seller’s agent.

The Seller now has 3 options:

1 – Agree to make all requested repairs and proceed with the sale.

2 – Agree to make some, but not all, of the requested repairs.

3 – Refuse to make any repairs.

Should the Seller select either option 2 or 3;

The Buyer now has TWO (2) options

1 – Cancel the contract due to the Sellers not making all repairs

2 – Accept the Seller not making repairs and proceed with the purchase.
While this process sounds complicated it is actually fairly straight forward.  The purchase contract sets forth the time-lines (they can be modified) and clearly sets the options for both the Buyer and Seller.  We are, of course, there to explain and review the options available at each set in the process.

Other Inspections To Consider

Tucson Termite Inspection and Tucson Roof Inspection also provide valuable information to the Buyer’s purchase decision.  Some Buyers want to have Tucson Radon Inspection or Tucson Mold Inspection.

If suggested by the Tucson Home Inspection a Tucson Structural Inspection or Tucson Pool Inspection may be required.

Should the property have a septic system a Tucson Septic Inspection will be required.

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Tucson Home Inspectors work follows standards established by the American Society Of Home Inspectors.   These standards are adopted from the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) 1992 Standards of Practice

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