Tucson Septic Inspections And Home Sellers

A Tucson Septic Inspections Are Required

What Tucson Home Sellers Need To Know About Tucson Septic Inspections

Tucson Septic Inspections -Seller ConsiderationsTucson Septic Inspections are required when selling a Tucson Home with a Septic System.  The cost of Tucson Septic Inspections is paid by the Tucson Home owner.

As of July 1, 2006, new Arizona Department of Environmental Quality rules require Tucson Home Sellers to have Tucson Septic Inspections.  Any person transferring a property served by an on-site waste water treatment facility must have an inspection of the facility performed before the transfer of ownership.

This means Tucson Septic Inspections are required.

This requirement applies to any property served by:

• A conventional septic tank system, or

• An alternative on-site system used instead of a conventional system.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality provides a Guide on Septic Systems.

Tucson Septic Systems are considered important and specifically addressed in the Purchase Contract.  The Purchase Contract incorporates an On-site Waste-water Treatment Facility Addendum by reference.

Tucson home Sellers may choose any Tucson Septic System company to do Tucson Septic Inspections.  If you don’t have a Septic Company we can recommend a couple of very good inspectors to you.

Tucson Septic Inspections will review your entire septic system.  Tucson Septic Inspections will provide a report of the inspection and the findings.  A Tucson Septic Inspections report will recommend actions to fix any identified problems.

The Purchase Contract addendum describes the inspection, repair and process to transfer from Seller to the Buyer.  Sellers will schedule Tucson Septic Inspections NOT the Buyer.

Other Possible Inspections

Tucson Termite Inspection and Tucson Roof Inspection may also be requested by the Tucson Home Buyer.  Some Buyers may want to have Tucson Radon Inspection or Tucson Mold Inspection.

If suggested by the Tucson Home Buyer’s Tucson Home Inspection, a Tucson Structural Inspection or Tucson Pool Inspection may be required.

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